Sometimes work just pisses me off

I am so fucking angry tonight I want to beat the crap out of someone. Looks like I am going to have a fight on my hands in order to get the new store. My Senior Vice President does not want them to put me in the store. Never mind that it is 15 minutes closer, in the town that I live in. Never mind that my youngest daughter’s daycare is 100 yards away, or that my other daughter’s elementary school is within a mile, along with my house. Never mind the fact that they don’t particularly give a flying fuck about their managers lifestyle. What a crock of shit.

Why doesn’t he want me there? Well, we currently have 9 stores in the area, in about a 30 mile circle, with the top end being I-20. Three stores 7-10 miles west of Temple, three stores 10-15 miles east, and three stores 12 miles south. I sit dead center between six of them on I-20, with the other three in Carrollton. He is afraid that if they put me in the store instead of a new inexperience manager that will fuck everything up within two months, that I will take too huge of a chunk of sales from the other 9 stores. What a load of shit. The bad part is that he is right though.

Why? Because I at least try to do everything the right way. The way that they taught me to. I take care of my customers and care about them. I hold myself to high standards, keep my stores clean, and cook everything the way that they want me to cook it. And I keep my store staffed with at least semi-happy folks. That’s one of the reasons I have a hard time hitting my payroll targets. I suppose I am an anomaly. Our pay system is based on retention. The longer the hourly employee stays, the more they get paid. I have the highest retention in my area, therefore I have the highest paid people. Out of the 26 or so people that I employ, we have about 112 years of experience with my company, not counting my 20 years. I also have the highest pay-rate averages out of 27 stores. I guess I am supposed to treat everyone like shit and have a high turnover, not staff my shop, and not come in when the call me. I could do like the manager across town from me and just not order enough food and tell the waitresses to sell something else when they call me at home. Or cheat the customers by giving them less portions.

Fuck them. If I wanted to steal their fucking sales I could do it from where I am, I already have the highest sales in my division. Everyone in Carroll County that is a regular with our restaurant knows me, I have worked in this area since ’89. Damn, just ranting now. I am going to have to work on a couple of friends at the corporate office, maybe that will help out. I am so pissed because it really just hurts my fucking feelings. The girl up the street from me that I trained last year was talking about quitting recently (for the fourth or fifth time) so they let her fucking ass have a 12 day vacation. I’ve seen that with several people. Hell, if they have a fucking cold, they call in sick, and nothing is ever said, because they are black, or women, and they are afraid to hurt their feelings. I do my fucking job, I’ve missed two days in three fucking years (four if you count Acidman’s funeral), I am always there. I am the only one out of nine managers that shows up for work on time. We are require to be in our restaurants by 6:30am. I normally get there between 6-6:30. Most of the rest of them show anywhere from 10 till 7, up to 7:30. They still have their fucking jobs, and it will never change.

Damn, I really like what I do, but sometimes they piss me off and stress me out so bad that I just want to tell them to go fuck themselves. Not that I would leave. I will retire doing this. The last time I quit I ended up working out of our corporate office for three years, and that was pretty cool, but it wouldn’t happen again. I will end up staying no matter what they say. I feel like they are trying to force me to take the promotion that I don’t want in the first place. Stephanie’s Masters raise will be enough to make up the difference, along with cost of living raises, so I would be perfectly happy doing what I do now, only closer to home.

Goddamn fucking assholes.

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  1. A lot of bigger corporations are like that. I think that the biggest issues are that I am not a brown-noser, and I don’t I have a four year degree.

  2. I think that perhaps I need to search through my archives and make sure that I have gotten rid of all of the posts that state where I work. I did that a year or so ago, but sometimes I forget. Don’t need to be blasting anyone for that.

    The only good thing is that having been with them so long, I know where quite a few skeletons are hid.

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