The Chicken Dance song

Just in case you were wondering about the song that I couldn’t get out of my damn head, here’s the music. May it torment you as much as it did me.

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7 throughts on "The Chicken Dance song"

  1. I’m not clicking. I already have the theme song permanently stuck in my head. The little tyke loves the show but he’s swiching allegiance to the new one, Diego the animal rescue kid right now.

  2. Let’s compare experience…

    True experience builds a persons resume, but it also builds a person’s character. To decide who to vote for in November, voters need to LOOK at the candidates and compare what their lives stand for, how they have lived their lives, who they associate…

  3. Intel Sharing Works – ‘Fusion Center’ Strategy

    The bottom line in this strategy is the real-time sharing of information. This has enabled our soldiers (and the Columbian soldiers) to combine each piece of information, no matter how small, so they could put the pieces of the puzzle together

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