The Weekend

The weekend is here. Two more days until I have an off day. This has been a pretty long and tiring week, and it shows in my posting. I haven’t even done much in the way of we surfing either for that matter.

This week I have had the previously mentioned computer problems, as well as a pretty heavy work load. It’s not going to get any easier to deal with for a while either. Today I will leave for work in about 45 minutes or so. Hopefully I will be back home by 3pm for a nap, as I have to be back at work around 6, and work until 2am, get a couple hours of sleep, and be back in tommorow morning as well.

I have kept up with a few news stories. I have been following the JonBenet Ramsey case a bit this week, and wanted to post something deep and meaningful, but just can’t come up with anything right now.

Damn, this guy needs to be taken to the top of a large building and tossed over just to make sure that the job is finished correctly.

Ah, well, it’s time to get ready for work. I’m sure to sleep like the dead Sunday night, but maybe I will be back on Monday.

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