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I know I have been pretty quiet the last couple of weeks. I have to go back to work today after my two days off. I ended up working somewhere around 70 hours or so this week, and most of my off time was spent working on PCs, a few of mine, and a couple for other people.

I’ve spent the better part of the last 24 hours in a data recovery “operation” trying to pull some movies and pictures off of a defunt NTFS drive, and finally have had good results with it this morning. Couple with the fact that I am using Stephanie’s computer to post, things are going a much more smoothly than they were. It’s not that I don’t like my laptop, but it is slow and a bit of a pain in the ass. I am used to being able to have six or eight programs open, with it, I have to stick with one, maybe two, or it starts to crawl.

I actually have lot’s of stuff to write down, but no time today. Maybe I will have some time this afternoon. The next few days at work don’t look to be any easier than the last few before my days off. Right now I am just looking forward to September 8th. Another vacation. Having taken my last one so early in the fiscal year, I should be able to sneak an extra one in this year, which will be nice.

Next Tuesday though, is the Queensryche concert, that will be cool. We are taking Christopher to his first concert. I am sure that he would like it to be someone much more cool from this decade, but I am pretty sure that he will have a good time. I have managed to “infect” him with a liking for classic rock and metal, which is definately a good thing considering some of the music coming out now.

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  1. I lost some videos on my old laptop HD that I don’t have copies of; I wish G had the time to get them off somehow, I am pretty disappointed about them.

    Have fun at the concert!

  2. Even if they had been deleted it is possible to get them off. I try to back everything up, but most of the stuff that isn’t are copies of my DVD that I prefer to keep on hard drive. Probably about 600 gigs of them. Pain in the ass to restore after a system crash.

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