If it’s not one thing it’s another.

Anyone who has read the blog for longer than two weeks knows that I bust my ass at work most of the time. It has to be longer than two weeks because I have spent so much time there the last two that I have hardly had time to blog. I ended up finishing out this fiscal operating period exceeding ALL of my targets, as well as having the highest sales in my division, which is normal. I don’t normally hit my payroll target because I believe in having plenty of well paid help. It makes it easier to sleep at night.

I exceeded them so well that the auditor is going to be in my store tommorow or Friday. Hah. Fuck them. No matter how good or thorough you are, there will be stuff that isn’t right. Overrings that haven’t been handled correctly for example. The salespeople are supposed to validate the guest check, then RE-RING it for the correct amount. Occasionally the validations don’t show up legibly. No big deal. If I can check on the register tape that it was rung up, then immediately rung up again, no big deal. I let it slide. The auditor however, will not. I can just about guarantee that I will end up having to pay a fucking shortage anywhere from $50 to $200, which just pisses all over my wheaties. My immediate boss will end up eating about half of the shortage, so that should please her as much as it does me.

Tommorow after work I have to drive to Anniston for meetings, so I will probably be home around 9pm tommorow evening.