Do I need a valium, or what?

I have had a pretty crappy day.

It started crappy, stayed that way most of the day, and ended pretty crappy.

I got to work this morning, and all would have been fine, but one of my third shift cooks started running his fucking mouth about another persons lack of work and would not shut the fuck up, so I let him know exactly what HE had not done for the last three days. Noone is perfect, and so long as they are trying to get most of it done, and particularly not bitching about it, I leave them the hell alone.

The rest of the day just kind of dragged along. Around 2pm, I was checking the waitresses sidework before they got off the floor and asked one of them to make tea. Rather than doing what I asked, she decided to argue with me. I ended up repeating myself three times, and finally hollered at her on the floor. She made the fucking tea. The bad part is that I just don’t raise my voice to ANYONE, particularly in front of other employees, or customers. I just don’t believe in management by intimidation. It doesn’t work for the long term, and never has. Guess I am just a bit stressed or something.

I’ve been with them for two decades, but since I worked for awhile as a consultant for the IT department, my service anniversary is in August, rather than when it is supposed to be. I opened my mail today and their was a card from my Senior Vice President. Cool, or so I thought until I read it. “I used to know you when you were in a sales increase. Wishing you the very best and looking forward to many more”

Nice sentiment, but the first line sort of ruins it. Fuck you. I used to know you when you had more hair, and paid less alimony. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on. My boss thinks I should forward the card to the President, but I won’t. I WILL save it, you never know when shit like that is needed. One of the big things nowadays with harrasment suits is bullying. Very big deal in court right now. Another example (albeit very small) of management by intimidation. This is the same guy that ten years ago had me, my boss, and his boss out in the customer are calling us losers and rebels. Nice folks I work for, huh?

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