Now Hiring!

Damnitall Redneck, you never showed up for your interview today.

I am of course in the process of hiring folks for the new restaurant. In what little remains of my free time, I have been doing interviews and 2nd interviews. The good thing is that I like my new boss, having worked for her, and vice versa back in the ’90s. We decided awhile back that EVERYONE had to go through both of us for approval, particularly if they have worked for us before. I don’t want a bunch of retarded retreads working for me that I will just end up replacing anyway. In some cases we are sending them on a third interview with my Human Resources Manager as well. Luckily she is pretty nice, and gets paid the same as I do, so we are not at odds.

I interviewed this one chick the day before yesterday. She was pretty hot, but she had some of those oriental characters tattooed about three inches above her chest. I am sure that they were designed to keep me from looking there, but it really didn’t work all that well. That and the metal ball sticking out of her face a half inch above her lip just set off red flags. Normally I would cut the interview short and just blow them off, but she actually ended up turning out to have a half a brain. I explained how things work with interviews and that although I don’t have a problem with ink and piercings, most business people DO, then I scheduled her a 2nd interview with my boss. She showed up without the piercing and had her chest covered. Hired her dammit. While I like looking at a nice chest as much as the next guy, that’s not what I am selling, so they have to be somewhat modest.

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  1. Brother, you wouldn’t want me sellin’ underwear either. I’ve got a mole or two danglin’ from my ass, but, I usually do wear pants to interviews. I tries to show my good side, which can be more of challenge then you might imagine.

    I’d have been on time had I had notice ‘forehand.

    Lousy management… always blamin’ the grunts… 😉

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