Dunkin Donuts Boycott

I read this little blurb somewhere on the ‘net, don’t remember where, probably some news site.

Chicago, IL) — An immigrant rights group is calling for a boycott of two national companies. Martino Unzuerta of the Chicago Workers Collaborative says Dunkin’ Donuts and Applebee’s are discriminating against illegal immigrants whose names don’t match their social security numbers. The two companies are accused of firing illegals who use such phony numbers to obtain work. Federal law requires employers to match their employees with social security numbers.

OK, here’s the deal you fucking clueless morons. It is illegal as a business owner for me to put someone to work that has a phony, or no SS#. It is also illegal for me to keep working them after the government sends us the letter informing us that they do not have a social security number. The key works in the paragraph above are “ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS”. They are fucking illegal, I cannot work them for fear of being closed down. If you want to boycott something you bunch of fucking morons, boycott paying your fucking taxes to the IRS until the federal government changes the immigration laws. They have been “accused” of firing “illegals”. Since when is it an accusation that you are following the law?

Now here’s an idea. We all join the boycott against Dunkin’ Donuts, until they go out of business and put more LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS out of work, then we do the same to some other AMERICAN company, until we have a whole bunch of unemployed people, and we descend on , oh… say CANCUN and protest over beers. Fuck them.

Damn, I could use a couple of jellies right now. Hold the alcohol and ludes.

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  1. Good grief … people really are fcking retards ….

    I should just counterboycott the companies that employ the illegal dhimmigrants …

    Anyhow, hope your kiddies are feeling better.

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