Days off

I posted earlier that I had changed my days off to stay at home with my daughter earlier this week. They are going to be pretty screwed up over the next few weeks, culminating in having to work my ass off until after Christmas probably. Since I was off Tuesday and Wednesday this week, I should be off Wednesday and Thursday next. No such luck. My boss is on vacation, so I am doing her job AND mine. Wednesday I have to be at work, if not actually productive on the grill. I have to close out all of my paperwork for the week, then our construction department is doing the turn-over for the new restaurant. I have to be there to make sure everything is OK and sign off on it. At that point we will be in and out until opening on October 26th. Thursday the 12th will be my only day off. I won’t have another day off until the 21st and 22nd. We are having my 8 year old’s birthday party, and my little brother and his brood are driving to Georgia to spend that weekend with us. Should be pretty cool. Then I go to work on Monday and take Tuesday off two days before I open.

It won’t really feel like I am working because I check out of my current store on the 17th and from that point forward I mainly have to set everything up in the new store and get the rest of the folks hired and trained. I may end up working eight or ten hour days, but it doesn’t feel like work unless I have spent the day on the grill busting my ass.

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