Right Bra Right Attitude

It’s all about the bra.

How not true. Even the right bra can’t disguise those really nasty titties.

If you were wondering, this is one of the 50 or so junk mails that I just deleted. I am easily entertained.

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4 throughts on "Right Bra Right Attitude"

  1. These are the worst I could find as an example. I thought about posting a link to Tara Reid. Here’s were so damn ugly she paid to get them fixed back. hehe. If you do a search for “Saggy Boobs on google pictures, she shows up in most of the links.

  2. Not to be a pig or anything (since I am already well past that) but I never used to agree with the saying “more than a mouthfull is just a waste” but damn, they might just have a point.

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