Time for work

I got up about an hour ago and have been sipping coffee and reading a bit. Nice quiet time. I am certainly not motivated today. All I want to do is go back to sleep. I guess it’s because I know I have such a short time left where I am at. My bosses bosses boss did extend it though. Now I am staying in this store until the 24th or 25. I open the new store the 26th. In the meantime I have to get it clean, stock the restaurant, put up and check equipment, hire the rest of the staff and get them trained. WTF?

On a brighter note, I fired another person yesterday. The fourth since I took this store three weeks ago, not including two that I just ran off. Twice the number of folks that I shit-canned in the three and a half years I was at my last store. The manager that is taking over from me in two weeks is extremely happy (she really is, no facetiousness here) as I promised her that I would try and fix the damn place during the month I was there.

My little brother and his kids are driving down from North Carolina next weekend for my daughter’s birthday party, and my parents are coming as well, last I heard. I am really looking forward to that, it may be the last time for a few months. For a few years we had Christmas dinner here at the house, but last year we couldn’t as it is just too far for my grandmother and great-aunt. It will probably be in Atlanta again this year, which means that I will miss it for sure. With the new store there is very little chance that I will have ANY free time during the holidays.

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