November 16, 2006

Stupid fucking text messages

Lately I have been getting forwarded shit from other people’s cell phones. Here is the body of the one I just got. FR: I almost posted the number so you assholes could forward some tasty messages BACK to this person, but decided that might not be a good idea. (FW:)S-L-A-P!!! you’re now my bitch…the national…Read more

Just a piece of meat

In one part of the article, the author says “You would not call a piece of meat a “dead animal,” even if you realize it’s a part of one”. I don’t know. I have had a couple of pieces of meat when I was younger that I tended to refer to as “dead” animals. Just…Read more

Sounds Back

Even though I had tried to reload the driver from device manager, apparently I needed to completely reload the software using Creative’s installation file. I fucking hate soundblasters software and drivers. I have been using their cards for 15 years or so and I like them, but they are always behind the times with drivers,…Read more


Since I am working so close to home now I seem to be sleeping later and later. Apparently I must need it, but I sort of enjoy that time in the morning to blog. I also use that time to balance my checkbook and just take plenty of time to wake up. Perhaps I can…Read more