November 27, 2006


Amazon is doing this thing where users can vote on what is going to be on sale, and then on Thursdays they offer 1000 of them at a pretty decent discount. Last week it was for the Xbox 360 Core System. I was a pretty good deal at $100. Christopher is dying for one, so…Read more

Niki Kwik

I came across this band via Tesco at Blank Forever. As one of his commenter’s suggested, she reminds me a bit of Chrissy Hynde, maybe with a little edge. I particularly enjoyed “Adios, Motherfucker” but maybe that’s because I am such a pig. Over at their home page you can download several of their mp3s,…Read more

…like an ape in heat

Apparently Eric dances “like Joe Cocker with eight or ten angry bumblebees down his trousers”. Damn. I was once told by a girlfriend some 22 years ago that I dance like an Ape in Heat. I suppose I need a few lessons from Fred myself. Technorati : Dancing

Sleeping In

I managed to sleep through the kids getting ready for school today. I vaguely remember at least one of them waking me up, but went right back to sleep. Managed to nap until about 8:30 or so. Very nice. Since Divx converter does not work in Windows Vista, I am experimenting with Xvid and AutoGK…Read more