I Love Livin’ in the City

Verse 1:
My house smells just like a zoo
It’s chock full of shit and puke
Cockroaches on the walls
Grass growing on my balls
oh well I’m so clean cut
and I just want to fuck some slut

I love living in the city
I love living in the city

Verse 2:
Ive spent my whole life in the city
where junk is king and the air smells shitty
people puking everywhere
piles of blood, scabs, and hair
bodies wasted and disease
young people dieing on the streets
but the suburban scumbags they don’t care
they just get fat and die their hair

I love living in the city
I love living in the city

When I was about twenty, I lived with a couple of guys down near Emory University. Both of them attended, one was a poli-sci major, and the other an archeology major. Both of them real high-profile well paying jobs (not). Not that I can say anything. I slept on the couch and rode MARTA to work 30 miles from there to flip burgers.

As anyone who has read the blog for awhile nows, I am pretty much a metal head, or at least I was when that sort of crap really mattered to me. One thing I learned from these guys though was a real appreciation for other sorts of music. Both of them were very much into hardcore as well as other stuff. Some of the music that I listened to while living with them is Concrete Blonde (one of my favorites) and as referred to in the above song, Fear. I love Lee Ving’s gravelly voice and over the last few years have picked up a couple of their albums, as well as MD-45’s The Craving, which was an album he did with Dave Mustaine. Don’t bother trying to buy it new though, it was remastered with Mustaine doing all of the lyrics. You can find it on eBay though, just make sure it is the 1996 (I think) release, not 2004.

Fear has a home page at leeving.com and fearrecords.com, but it just appears to be a place holder and no content whatsoever. Last time I was there was a year or two ago, and at that point he was at least posting a bit of news, but no more.

I wonder what happened to those guys. One was from Natchez, and I know he is married and living back there. I need to try and call him, next time I am in NO I would like to look him up and see how things are going. The other is from Atlanta and I used to run into him occasionally, the last time being at a Ren Fest a few years back. They were both pretty good guys and I miss them greatly.

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