Next Years Vacations

Updated – I just changed my last vacation to the week after Labor Day. I forgot about Helen until my wife reminded me. Damn, don’t want to forget about that.

I just set up 2007’s vacation schedule with my boss, so if any of you morons want to get together, here it is. April 2nd thru the 11th. This will be nice. I am getting ten days during one of my three vacations now and am looking forward to it. This is my wife and kid’s spring break as well.

I am also taking June 11th thru the 17th and October 8th thru the 14th, but the last one is subject to change, as the Nascar race in Talladega is in October and now that I am back on I-20 I will be extremely busy that week.

Hopefully my big ass financial mess will be cleaned up by one of these. I am busting a gut to go down to Key West during one of my vacations preferably sans children so that I can stay drunk and disorderly at least some of the time. Maybe I can ship the kids off to friends in April, although that is so soon I don’t know. If I can somehow manage to squeak out a tax refund (like that’s gonna happen) I may be able to set aside some cash for vacation next year.