Now this thing looks pretty cool. It’s a homing device that lets you track where you have lost stuff, keys, etc…up to 600 feet away. I am so absent minded that something like this is pretty attractive to me.

The big problem with something like this is that I would tend to lose the main unit first. Back in the 80’s my aunt gave me a key finder thing as a gift. You pushed the button and the tag on the other end would emit beeps so that you could find it. The first thing I lost was the main unit, then a few months later I lost my keys. Now if I could surgically implant a homing device in my skull that would lead me to my keys, wallet, phone, PDA, THAT would be an innovation.

The loc8ter pack comes with the Handheld and two tags and sells for about $99. Kind of steep when you figure in the cost of what you are tagging, although I might save that and more in the amount of time that I aimlessly wander through the house looking for stuff.

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