MY wish list

Here is what I am wanting for Christmas, although NEXT Christmas is more like it, once my contract is up for renewal and I can get a good deal on it. I have looked at Crackberrys and other offerings using the Palm OS, and although there are some drawbacks to the Treo 700w, it offers most of what I want.

Built-in camera and multimedia capabilities, as well as a slot for an SD Card. My current phone uses mini-SD cards, so I don’t really have any use for it. I am not in range of of Verizon’s EvDO network, so that doesn’t matter either. It doesn’t offer Wi-Fi which is irritating, but Palm sells a Wi-Fi card that fits in the SD slot, so that is another $100 to add to the already hefty price tag of this phone.

Currently I carry my cell phone (an LG VX8100) and an HP iPaq rx3315. It would be nice to get down to one piece of equipment and still retain compatibility with Microsoft’s applications and Activesync.

The bluetooth doesn’t really impress me much, as I sync my PDA using the cradle, and I have a nice Jabra bluetooth ear piece that I got with this phone that I don’t use. I suppose that if I started using it on a regular basis I mike grow to like it, but cell phones are intrusive enough without walking around looking like I am talking to myself all the time.


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