More on the Apple iPhone

Oh man, this thing is so cool. I found a video of the music interface over at youtube. This is what Christopher wants for his 18th birthday. NOT likely at $499, particularly considering that it’s not even available from my provider not to mention the fact that the cool web browsing stuff won’t even be available out her in eastbumblefuck Georgia. Here it is anyway.

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  1. I spoke with the Cingular lady today and she said that it would pick up fine at my house, as well as Verizon. Of course she has a vested interest in saying so, but considering that they are probably the #2 provider it is probably true.

    I am also crossing my fingers and hoping that Verizon will get them as well. I have made about $75 form ads this week. Once I get caught up on bills and shit I am going to start saving for vacations and other cool shit.

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