What an Aquarium!

Damn, check out this aquarium. That thing is huge. Now if it connected with my computer and cooled it, that would just kick ass. Plenty more pics at the link.

Update – I posted a link to a pretty cool pic, but I guess they don’t want it using their bandwidth (understandable) so just go click the damn link and check out that monster.

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8 throughts on "What an Aquarium!"

  1. I fear the worst has happened to this young girl as it has been a week since she was last seen and I’ve read that there has been no recent activity on her cell-phone and atm card. I do hope she is found alive and safe. My thoughts and prayers are with Brittanee and her family during this difficult time.

  2. Remember Natalie Holloway who disappeared on a graduation trip with some fellow students. According to the movie she ended up dying and her body hasn’t been found yet. She too was with some boys and the one she was with on the beach said she died and he and another gouy got rid of her body and then he later retented. Of course his daddy had the big bucks to get the little jerk off.
    This is no laughing matter on Brittanee Drexeland I think that anyone who would say that she is off with the boyfriend ridin the baloney pony should get a swift kick in the behind.

  3. too bad Brittanne’s boyfriend is in myrtle beach with her parents looking for her..i highly DOUBT she is with him. This is no laughing matter, im praying for Brittanne and her family and i hope she returns home safe.

  4. Could one of the four boys set her up for a kidnapping? Aren’t they involved with club owners who’ve been involved in prostitution rings? Isn’t the sex trade big money in the underworld?

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