Nipple Covers?

Looking through my visitors and referrers today, I came across the author of this blog. The Lingerie Gals. Right away I knew it was the place for me to visit. I’ve had an extremely long day at work due to meetings and am tired as hell so I knew it would be relaxing to look at something nice for awhile since my wife had to go to the store for a few.

Looking down through the posts I came across the one for nipple covers from way back in December. What? Damn, I didn’t know they made these things. I’ve gotta get myself some of those. I hate it at work when I have my daytimer and pen in my pocket, and the shit is rubbing the hell out of my nipple. I end up being a bit nipply for hours afterward. Yeah, I know. TMI.

Anyway, I started looking at the prices and decided I don’t need them that fucking bad. I’ve got me a big ass roll of duct tape and a knife.

Picture 5.jpg

I wonder if I could market this shit.

Anyway, go check out The Lingerie Gals. I’ll bet if I showed it to the dude with the cameras it might have kept his ass out of jail.

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2 throughts on "Nipple Covers?"

  1. omfg.

    red bought a pair of those, dimrs. she called em “dimmers”. she then gave me a tirade about how tacky it is for your nipples to show.

    not my favorite thing, but nothing to get hung up on either. the nipple enhancers confuse me though.

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