February 6, 2007

New Blog Post software

Just testing out a new blog posting I found via giveawayoftheday. I stuck the widget for it down in the bottom left of the sidebar. So far it seems pretty cool. It’s called post2blog. It’s a bit different than Zoundry, which is what I have been using, but offers support for flickr, as well as…Read more

Goat Chode

I will have to remember this one. I have several of them working for me. 1. A person who acts foolishly2. A person who is extremely annoying3. Used to describe an event that is very unfavorable 1. “James is acting like a Goat Chode.”2. “I hate goat chodes like that guy.”3. “This sucks goat chode,…Read more

Web Searches

Here are this morning’s web searches. I just woke up a short while ago, so just overlook any typos. #1 youtube for porn, youtube porn, porn on you tube, youtube of porn. Repeated several times. I did a search on my site for the same thing just now, and found seven posts that had this….Read more