How about that Anna Nicole Smith?

Updated yet again.

I was at work this afternoon when one of my employees hurriedly let me know that they had just announced on the radio that Anna Nicole Smith had died. In the grand scheme of things, who really cares? I don’t, that’s for sure. I hate to hear that she has died, but what exactly has she done to enrich my life or make things better for people, disregarding her photo spreads in Playboy.

Hell, apparently even Larry King is getting in on the game and discussing her tonight on his show.

What the fuck? Looking around the blogosphere I came across this over here:

An era has ended. Anna Nicole Smith died today in a hotel room in Hollywood, Florida. She was 39 years old. I am hopeful that works of art, music, literature, etc. are forthcoming to commemorate her life and mourn her tragic death. A special issue of Painted Bride Quarterly, perhaps.

Oh, maybe I sound ironic, but I really am feeling this one.

An era has ended? You must have some pretty sad heroes for Anna Nicole Smith to represent an entire ERA for you. An era of sluts. An era of drug abuse. An era of making money off of other people’s misfortunes.

From what I understand they will be doing an autopsy to see why she died.

Here’s how I want to remember her. Most definitely NOT safe for work (or children for that matter) picture below the fold.


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