More on Anna Nicole

Along with the autopsy they are supposed to be doing today to determine her cause of death (I figure too much trimspa) there is supposed to be a paternity hearing as well. Two different men are claiming to be the parent of her baby. I assume that they want a piece of the fight for all of that money she finally received from her dead husband. That should be a big old legal wrangle. Her dead husband’s son is bound to already have been back in court over the last 24 hours seeking some kind of hold on all that money he was fighting her for.

They ALL may have to wait because apparently there is a class-action lawsuit pending against Trimspa including her alleging that one one the products didn’t do what it advertised. Wah fucking wah. A bunch of lard asses didn’t end up looking like Anna Nicole (leathery sun-dried tomato) so they decided to sue. Actually I don’t know all of the details of this one, but hey that’s what this is all about. Assumptions.

There is a paternity hearing at 8:30 this morning (will she still be warm) where one of the guys is trying to block having DNA samples being taken to determine parentage. It seems to me that if he were the father he would be jumping on the DNA bandwagon to get it proved so he could start spending money.

It may truly be that the guys love and want to raise the little girl but I am a cynic. With all of that money involved I can’t help but wonder if they would be making this fuss if she was worth $32.

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