Another Astronaut Song

Found this parody over here after doing a quick search. I love google.

900 Miles

Wait for the page to load completely and you can let it play here.

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  1. Danish National Library Declares Muhammad Cartoons Historical Artifacts

    As well they should – these drawings are important cultural monuments to freedom of expression. Denmark’s national library is to risk re-opening an international political storm by housing the cartoon images of the prophet Muhammad that provoked violen…

  2. Zero Tolerance Run Amok

    Expulsion? For this? You must be kidding! But not if you are dealing with zero tolerance. Two teenagers have been kicked out of school for kissing on a school bus, and now their families are challenging the decision. Dominique Goyner…

  3. Even Jimmah Carter favors photo ID to guard against US voter fraud

    Who wouldda thunk it?!
    Former President Carter stated on March 22, 2006, “Within the next three or four years, all 50 states will move to some kind of voter ID.”

  4. Go Ralph!

    Ralph Nader is thinking of running for president, again. Since Denny K. left the 2008 race the Martians didn’t know who to vote for. Now Ralph may be getting in. The Martians (and the Jovians and Saturnines as well) are happier than you will ever…

  5. Truly, America is my favorite slave

    “I summon my blue-eyed slaves anytime it pleases me. I command the Americans to send me their bravest soldiers to die for me. Anytime I clap my hands a stupid genie called the American ambassador appears to do my bidding.

  6. Here we go again: Berkeley California against the Military: Marines are “uninvited and unwelcome intruders”

    Berkeley continues its attempt to rival San Francisco as the capital of Military Derangement.
    It seems like it was mostly just the vigorous activities of Code pink, as noted in this blog, that accounted for the Military hatred, but now t…

  7. California plant accused of torturing unfit cows

    From Reuters.
    At first I thought this headline was a joke or a satire. I imagined a dandelion or a sunflower spitting seeds at cows in a field that were deemed unfit mothers. Feminist cows who decided not to have little cows so they could pursue thei…

  8. OK — I’m Questioning Their Patriotism Now

    If this weren’t Berkeley, I’d be shocked. Heck, I’m even shocked about this crap coming from a bastion of liberal lunacy like Berkeley. Members of the Berkeley City Council showed their opposition to a Marine Corps recruiting office in Downtown…

  9. So Is The “Junkie” Obama For Or Against Decriminalizing Marijuana

    Watch the 2 videos here and take the time to read the article. I can’t figure out if the junkie is for it or against it. Here is the best part:
    Asked about the two different answers, Mr. Obama’s presidential campaign said he in fact has &…

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