Another one under the bridge…

I managed to get finished with work and out the door by 2:30 or so, which is great time. Picked up the youngest, went to the bank and stopped at the store for smokes and I was still home by 3PM. Damn I like working so close to the house.

Not going back in for shift change tonight, I am going to have to do it for the next four nights straight, including my day off, so i am taking the evening off, except for the fact that I have to make sure I am staffed and handle the shift change over the phone. Almost an evening off anyway.

The boy still has not called either of us. It kind of pisses me off that he has been so inconsiderate about this. Hopefully we will hear from him soon. He is supposed to be back at school for wrestling practice, so perhaps the wife will see him before she leaves work. Hope so, because his ass is going to be wanting a ride at some point and I damn sure am not going to get out of bed to go pick him up tonight if he has not checked in by then.