Happy VD Day…

Valentine-Heart.jpg Well, hell with it. Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you suckers out there who are spending their hard earned money on crap that isn’t needed. I suppose there are worse things that you could be doing with it. At least you aren’t like some of the people that have worked for me in the past. A good valentine might be some crack, or a bag of pills. Actually a good muscle relaxer might do me some good right now. My back has been killing me for a few days now. Not real sure why, I haven’t over done it this week. It was a somewhat long week, but nothing too strenuous.

Just received a call from the recruiter that works in my area. I have to go to one of those leadership development seminars on the 26th. Damn. Well, at the very least I will get a free dinner out of it. The last one of these that I had to go to was the one where I won a Smoky Bones gift certificate for my presentation. That’s one of the reasons I have done those stupid porncast videos so enthusiastically. It’s all fun and games, but it helps me to be a bit more comfortable with public speaking as well.

The oldest girls just got home from school, now she is off to play with a friend again. I really need to work on my taxes but I think I will put it off at least until this evening. I’m getting faster with it every year, so it shouldn’t take me too long. I think I am only doing them for one of my waitresses this year as well, so that will be a piece of cake, as well as a quick $50. Now if only we could get the damn Fair Tax passed…

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  1. Yeah, I made a few observations when it was still big news and ahd all kinds of damn people commenting on it. Normally I get 20-30 visits a day, sometimes a bit more, but was getting several thousand at one point. Very weird.

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