The Phone is off NOW!

The wife just sent me a text message “C the Snow?”

Oh fuck.

Cell phone going off now.

I am not about to have my boss cancel my day off because of a few fucking snow flurries. Idiots down here freak out every time we get a dusting on a few leaves, and generally we lose our days off. Now if it were to get bad (and it won’t, I checked the weather) I would always go in, but I will be the one to make that decision, not them.

Time to eat some eggs.

I know how hard Zonker has been working to get his refrigerator cleaned out, I think maybe he wants to impress someone. I found the perfect ad opp on one of the sites I post for and I just couldn’t turn the damn thing down. I will post it later, and will update this with a link for him. ]:|

Updated. Hey zonk, here’s your link. Hey, I know I’m an asshole, but I just couldn’t resist. I’ll buy you a beer next time.

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2 throughts on "The Phone is off NOW!"

  1. Thanks, man! This is a great opportunity…not only will I not be able to hear them (thanks to my bad ears), but she’ll be bitching in another language. Sweet! I’m contacting them this weekend to see if I can get a loaner for a test drive. Will let you know how it all works out.

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