This should prove to be an interesting day…

…as I have one in the nut house, one in the hospital, another called in because she has the sniffles, and my night shift cook left at 2 AM becuase her belly hurts. If there is something really wrong that is cool, but she has been with me three weeks and already missed four days of work. She’s not long for the unemployment line. I made the waitresses cook the shift rather than going in at 2 AM considering that I cooked 15 hours yesterday and I am the only cook this morning.

I think right off the bat I am going to cover all of the above people for the rest of the week and if they show up they can just take an extended couple of days off. I hate fucking drama at work and this doesn’t fit into my nice little plan, so I will make it fit.

My afternoon cook may still be in Savannah. Hopefully not, I worked in his place this weekend so that he could move his mother and I really don’t feel like doing any more doubles.

I suppose I should get going, but there was ice all over my car and I wanted to let it warm up for a few minutes before I go, thus the last minute post this morning.

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  1. Exactly. That’s why I have been with them for twenty years. I used to say that I was the token normal person, but the longer I am there the more I discover that I fit perfectly. Damn, I have even started to listen to a bit of country.

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