Fun with Salmonella!!

I was reading a bit more about the food poisoning outbreak that the FDA thinks is caused by some peanut butter (and I can tell you it damn sure is) and ran across this line over at CNN Health:

“It is unclear how the dangerous germ that commonly originates from the feces of birds and animals got into the peanut butter”

Well, for starters where else would the shit come from? Birds and Animals. That pretty much includes everything that needs to take a dump doesn’t it? I mean, I guess we can exclude fish from this, I don’t know if you can get salmonella from fish shit. There is an assignment for someone. Can you get salmonella from fish shit?

Secondly, I think it’s pretty clear how the germ got in there. Someone burned ’em one before work and after getting some munchies was in dire need of dropping a load and that big old vat of brown creamy was just waiting for one to be dropped. It’s just a matter of time before they find the retard that shit in the peanut butter and if the fucker ever comes near me I will be sorely tempted to run their ass over.

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2 throughts on "Fun with Salmonella!!"

  1. Last I heard, birds are animals.

    Anyway, I noticed your amazon links are all stuff like “how to write children’s books.” Does amazon surf them up for you? Given your site content … uh … well …. shit.

  2. Hell if I know. The amazon links change on a daily basis I think, so I guess it really depends on what is showing on the main page.

    That would mean that next week we should see books about food poisoning and feces I suppose

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