Lions and Tigers and Legal Investigations, Oh My!

Right on the heels of this last investigation where I was accused of being a racist, I had another yesterday. Not discrimination, just stupidity. Remember when I fired those two people that I think were smoking post in the van in my parking lot before they came to work? That was back at the beginning of December.

Apparently the guy’s mother made good on her threat and complained to our office and they investigated me for abusive behavior. Considering that I was very polite to them the entire time, AND her on the phone afterward, there was nothing abusive there. The investigation is pretty much closed. I was just told that next time, not to give anyone any information (including parents) about why I fire them. Legally I don’t have to and in Georgia I don’t even have to have a reason. I just felt that since the guy was 16 his mother should know what’s going on.

What I didn’t tell her and I am not going to get involved in, is the fact that he (16yo) and the other ex-employee (28yo) are still dating. The guy that did the investigating said that the mother was very worried about this being a small town and it getting out why he was fired, and accusing me of slander, as well as threatening further legal action. Whatever. They don’t want to mess with the slander thing. I don’t generally talk about why I fired people, except here, and of course no names. If she wants to keep it up, this whole pedophile thing is going to blow up and I will make sure that I am the one that starts the fire. They do not need to be fucking with me.

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