February 22, 2007


For awhile there it looked like there was going to be a blog meet in Las Vegas, but that sort of didn’t pan out. I would have loved to go, but really can’t afford it right now anyway. I have only been to Las Vegas once, 22 years ago. My friend Chris that passed away…Read more

Tech Support

I don’t know what it is, but once you have been in ANY kind of tech job, you are the free tech support person EVERYONE wants to be friends with. I actually did tech support for a few months in between running restaurants and working in our corporate office for a provider that contracted out…Read more

Day Off

This splitting up my days off is weird. I went back to work today and didn’t feel like doing a damn thing. I managed to get everything done that needed doing prior to 2 PM, shot off to my meeting, and actually made it home by 5 PM. That’s great for a Thursday. So here…Read more

That was weird…

…my computer just rebooted in the middle of doing the last post. Luckily Zoundry auto saves the posts, at least through the last complete sentence or something. When the system came back up I got one of those “Microsoft Windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown” messages. The details were: Problem signature: Problem Event Name:…Read more