I am Just Ill Today…

…but not physically. I have been in a horrible mood all day long, as my waitresses figured out pretty quickly. I generally treat everyone the same way no matter the mood, but I am always much quieter, and at one point I snapped at one of them after she had done something stupid.

The wife went to pick up new shoes for the girls, so I asked her to pick up some vitamins for me. I have been just plain exhausted at work for the last couple of weeks, and I think that attributed to my mood a bit. It might just be that I am about a month overdue for a vacation, and opening this new store back in October has worn me out.

Either way, I need to seriously get some time off and R&R very soon. I don’t particularly care what’s happening at the store, and am only interested in getting the hell out as soon as I can in the afternoon. I go on vacation at the end of March, and can’t wait. I don’t think I am going to end up going anywhere on this one, so I will be getting my yard right and getting my garden planted. Believe it or not, that is just as relaxing as being at the beach. Maybe not as relaxing as being there with beer, but it’s close.