Small Miracles

When Pete was born in October of 1997 it was a real shocker. Not that she was born, but all that we had to go through.

We had gone in to the doctor’s office to get the wife an ultrasound, and they noticed some weird stuff on it, so wanted us to go down to Northside and have one there. Originally we had planned on birthing with a midwife in Carrollton rather than being in a big hospital.

We got down there and they wanted to do an internal ultrasound. Apparently there was way too much fluid. Long story short, it broke her water. The wife ended up giving birth the Pete at Northside hospital, and apparently things weren’t looking too good. For awhile they weren’t even sure that she was going to live or not. It was all pretty damned scary.

Some of the details are pretty fuzzy now, but that could be that I just woke up too. I may add to this when I get home from work this evening. My wife has posted about tthis before and probably remembers much more.

Anyway, They decided that the thing to do was move her to Scottish Rite, which is across the street from Northside. Had the wife’s water not broken at Northside Hospital and given birth to my daughter there, if they had moved her at all, it would have been to send her down to Columbus. It is extremely unlikely that she would have lived at all.

If I remember correctly, the surgery itself too somewhere around eight hours. We were on pins and needles all day. I don’t remember ever having been so scared or worried at any point prior or since then.

A portion of her small intestine had never opened up, so everything was trying to go back the other way. She was full of myconium. They ended up taking out about ten centimeters of it, and they moved some stuff around that was in the wrong place.

She ended up being in Scottish rite in the ICU for 40 days or so. When we brought her home, it was still on monitors. We had to feed her every couple of hours, as the amounts she was getting were so small. She still had tubes and whatnot hanging out of her when we brought her home as well. It is just amazing to me that she is living a normal healthy life.

In 1998


This is her at one or so.

011_10 (1).JPG

With her NEW little sister (at that time)

miles family 12.02 026.jpg

Halloween 2002


2006 Softball Season. She is playing again this year. Practice has already started but I think we have a couple of weeks before the first game.

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The Scurvy Dogs!