Check These Bad Boys Out

wingtips.pngIt’s a pretty crappy picture, but as I mentioned last night when I posted those pics of the girls working on my hair, my batteries crapped out in my camera and I haven’t had the chance to replace them yet. Cell phone pics.

Nothing like a pair of shiny new shoes. Just ask Eric. Now I may not be a flaming metrosexual, but I can recognize the value of a nice pair of shoes. Normally I will wait to buy new work shoes until the current pair have all but fallen apart. When I can feel the ground with the bottom of my feet, it’s time for new ones. The pair I have now are probably good for a month or two, but they look like hell. Waffle batter, plenty of water, grease, and plenty of other unmentionables have touched those shoes, and there’s only so much spit shining that you can do to fix them up. I decided Sunday that I needed to go ahead and get a new pair, so I got on and ordered me up a pair. As Dax will tell you, these are the best damn shoes you can get working in the restaurant industry.

The thing is, I only wear Wingtips. I don’t like Oxfords, and I hate any type of slip ons ad sneakers. Sneakers look like shit when you are trying to look professional. Wal-Mart quit carrying Wingtips. Sears, K-Mart, and all of the shoe stores in my area quit selling them. I guess they are going out of style or something. God forbid something a man wears going out of style. We wear the same clothes for fifty years and they are always in style. Apparently not anymore. Anyhow, Shoes For Crews is the only place I have been able to find them, plus they are non slip, water resistant, and are pretty comfortable.

For something that I just felt like posting, they should be paying my butt for this one.

I ended up running to Villa Rica tonight. Apparently the LDS meeting is professional (suit) dress only. No uniforms. Most of my nice clothes are no longer nice or the must have shrunk. Can’t get them on anymore. I know I haven’t gotten any bigger. You believe me dontcha? Anyway, I picked up a pair of slacks, a shirt and tie. I will forgo the suit jacket. Not happening. Send my ass home if you need to.

That’s about it I think. It’s almost 11 PM and I have to get up at 4:30 as usual.

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