My How Time Flies…

…when you are not doing much of anything at all. The Boy just left for work and it’s time for me to get my rear end into the shower and go to work myself. Hopefully everyone will show up today. Going back on a Saturday after two days off can sometimes be rough, because all the preparation for the weekend has been done by someone else.

I will spend the next few hours cooking, then I have audits and inventories to do, as well as some cleaning. That is supposing of course that everyone shows up for their shifts. If not, I still have to do the same stuff, but I may be several hours behind.

Pete has practice today at noon, but I probably already mentioned that. They should be home by the time I get back here from work, so I may end up spending a little time fooling around before I get back online this afternoon, if at all. It may be tonight or tomorrow before I get another chance.