Ten Hour Days

It wasn’t quite as bad as I thought it would be today. I ended up getting out of there right around 5 PM. We were pretty busy for breakfast this morning and then it just slowed down at lunch time so that I was able to get a bit more done than I had planned.

Sometimes people just don’t get it. I am fairly anal about how I want things at work, where they go, how orders are to be called out, and just having them do the right things the right way. One of the waitresses was giving orders during breakfast, and as I have done for years, I correct them if they are wrong. I’m not an asshole about it, unless the keep on making the same mistakes over and over again. I corrected her about something and rather than just taking it in stride, she made a big deal about it, and purposely made sure to do it wrong the rest of the day, only with an exaggerated flair. Some things are all fun and games until I make out next weeks fucking schedule. Yuck it up while you can bitch, because I know how to get things done and there are plenty of people that are dying to come to work there and do it my way.

Then, this afternoon one of the other managers called up there and spoke with a waitress, who had transferred to my store from hers a couple of months ago. She had the gall to ask the waitress when she was coming back, that she needed her. Oh, hell no you didn’t go there. One thing we just don’t do is recruit employees from other stores in our company, and I am going to be raising hell about it on Monday with my boss. I have had several people transfer to my store, but I did not approach a single one, nor let them know it would be OK. They asked for the transfer and it was approved. If I wanted to start stealing people from the other stores, I would have the best staff in west Georgia in about a week, particularly since I have hired and trained about 25% of the folks that work in the ten stores out here.

Well, it’s time for a bit of baked fish. I may rant a bit more later.