…at work are a pretty interesting deal. It starts out extremely slow. Sunday is the day when most people sleep in. The folks that ARE up are getting ready for church. They all go about their business, sleeping or churching and then all roll in between 10 and 2. We do about the same amount of business in those four hours that we do all day long on Saturday.

Needless to say, it ends up being a goatfuck about half the time. My staff at the new store has improved, but it’s still pretty rough at times.

They have a tendency to finish up the shift and shoot out of there at 2 PM, whether they are finished with their cleanup and sidework or not. I have the fix for that one today, and they are probably not going to enjoy it. Sunday is also payday. I pay my graveyard shift as soon as they get off work at 7 AM. Normally I will go ahead and pay my day shift at the same time. I saves me 30-40 minutes from the end of the day, and I’m all about getting my stuff done and getting the hell out of dodge. Today I am going to make them wait until after their shift to get paid. Of course, if their sidework isn’t finished, they will wait until it is before I pay them. I have several things to do this afternoon, so I can wait all day if I have to, I don’t really care.

With my boss leaving the company, apparently there are all sorts of organizational changes going on. It is now looking like I may end up with a different immediate boss who is a real fuck-head. He is a piece of work who basically does nothing. Several of my employees have worked for him in the past and I know they don’t particularly want to work for him again. If I do end up with him over me I will end up spending half the time minimizing the damage he does from my days off.

I should start finding out about the changes by Wednesday at the earliest. No sense in worrying about them until they occur, I just hope that my AVP thinks about what he is doing before making them.