Ganymede Windowblinds

I am considering updating my port of the Ganymede Enlightenment theme. I originally did this one for Windowblinds and DesktopX (as well as a few other skinnable apps) back in 2000 and updated it on 2001. Over the last six years, Windows has come a long way, as have video cards, and the programs that use them. Here is a screenshot of it:


Hard to believe that is Windows. I originally did it under Windows 2000, although by then I was probably running XP beta. It’s been awhile so I am not really sure. I may take some time to update all of my skins at that time. I have gotten a bit better with Photoshop since then, and there is a lot more stuff that can be done with anti-aliasing and transparency. All of my skins are up for download at and

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