Today Sucked…

…although I suppose it could have been much worse. The girl that I had cooking with me today was not feeling very well, so I did not get very much time off of the grill. Since this is my weekend off I had to get all of the prep finished for the weekend, make my deposits, buy change, make schedules, order next weeks food, and finish a boatload of paperwork, as well as do audits and inventories…AND cook.

I managed to cook, get the prep done, and buy my change. That’s it. I needed a break, so I have been home for about 30 minutes. I’ll just go back at 7 PM or so and stay until 10 or 11. It kind of sucks to start my days off that way, but sometimes that’s the way it works out.

That nasty looking bug that I caught on my phone earlier was hanging out on the wall outside my walk-in cooler at work. I had stepped out for a quick smoke and that damn thing was crawling up the wall. Big old fat body, little bitty head. Kind of like my 3rd shift. Maybe it was looking for a job.