Another Little Web Gadget…

…and this one’s for your cell phone or MySpace blog. U-Doo is a personalized ringtone thing that you create and download to your phone and/or to your myspace blog. It is an animated avatar that also speaks. It allows you to build a custom avatar, select a message from either one that you record on your phone, via using text to speech, or there are several prerecorded ones to choose from.

I got this cool little skeleton thing over at my MySpace page with a very short text to speech message. I created it in a minute or so, and then told it to upload to my myspace page and it was done about 30 seconds later. Very quick, and it pops it in the ‘about me’ box.

It also allows you to email it to someone else (or yourself). I did this as well, and after I told my webmail provider that mail from myself was not spam 🙂 I received it in my mail client. It emails a link to the web page for you or your friends to check out.

U-Doo is available free for your web page or via email, and is offered as a subscription service through cell phone providers for a 60 day free trial, and then it’s $4.99 a month after that.