The Weekend is Upon Us

I actually have managed to get the weekend off for a change. The Boy has to work in the morning, so I will more than likely have to be back up about 6:30 or around then to take him in and then hopefully I can go back to bed for awhile. I am having trouble getting to sleep. Considering that I have been up for about 20 hours now I am surprised. The wife may just end up having to take him in the morning.

Pappilon just ended. That was really good. I will most definitely do as I said earlier and rent it. I would like to see it again at least once. There are some parts that I missed, particularly at the beginning that I want to see.

The Battle of the Blogs is almost over. SWG is only four votes behind the leader, so if you haven’t had the chance to vote for him head on over to Leesa’s Stories and vote. Then hang out for awhile.