Where Ya Been, Jack?

One of my guilty pleasures the last couple of years has been watching ’24’. I started watching at the end of season three and really enjoyed it. When the new season started recently I made sure to watch it every Monday night, but then I ended up working and missed a few. I haven’t seen anything since the first couple of shows this season. Luckily for me I have been recording it with BeyondTV every week in addition to getting spoilers from Denny.

That may be the first thing that I do when I start my vacation this next week. I have eight hours of 24 sitting on my hard drive just waiting to be watched. If I cut out the 20 minutes of commercials in each episode that’s only about five and a half hours of actual watching time. A pot of coffee and a couple of beers later I should be well up to date on everything that I have missed.