Dog Tired…

…why do they call it that anyway? I was wrong when I posted Wednesday that I only had three days left until vacation. For some reason I thought it was today. I still have two more days of work before I get another one.

Haven’t posted much today, barely even looked at my email. I had one PC to finish up. Replaced the motherboard and CPU, had to clean the front bezel as the power button was sticking in old food or something. It was just nasty. Then I had to reinstall Windows XP and all of their apps.

I booted up a second one that I was looking at for someone else and pretty much gave up for the night. Power supply fan is bad. CPU fan is bad. It’s a slightly older Compaq so the darn PSU that I want to replace it with won’t even fit the case. Tomorrow I have to look and see if I have an extra case lying around that I haven’t ripped the wiring harness out of and a CPU fan and heatsink. Haven’t even booted it up to see if her data is corrupted or not. The initial problem when she brought it to me was that it was locking up. No wonder if it was getting that how inside.