Burning the Candle at both ends…

I have also agreed to work on someone else’s PC. They are supposed to drop it off at work for me tomorrow. I already told him that the earliest I could look at it would be Monday and I am most definitely going to be sleeping late. I am planning on taking a couple of Benadryls before I hit the sack Sunday night and am going to sleep until I wake up and then I might sleep some more.

One of the waitresses that used to work for me brought her W2s by as well. I told her that I would do her taxes. That won’t take long. Most of the tax returns that I file for them are pretty simple little deals. The biggest thing is to insure that they have/are claiming their tips so that they get the maximum earned income credit. That’s where the $300 bucks that I have to write a check for goes I suppose. Either way I will charge her about $25. At least my tax software will have been paid for this year.

I had not planned to file a schedule C this year as I made very little money, but I may have to reconsider that. If I go ahead and redo it with my little bit of income that I actually did make (under Miles Consulting) I can at least take a loss and that may very well break me even. It really depends on what I did last year. I filed on for at least five years straight, but for some reason I think that I didn’t do one last year either. I guess I need to dig out that box and look. Whatever I did last year I will do again this. For 2007 I will need to go ahead and do it again though. With the additional income from advertising, filing tax returns, and just the three computers I have looked at this month, I need to.

I will probably be up until about midnight tonight. I have some other things I need to get posted on the other two sites. I may sleep in at least until 5 or 5:30 tomorrow. Every minute counts.

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  1. It was pretty damned funny. She sat quietly for three minutes (one for each year), and it wasn’t until I let her get up, and said “and why did daddy put you in timeout”, as soon as she heard the word time-out, she burst into tears.

  2. … man, you are never going to teach a young lady NOT to eat chocolate… women have some sort of chocolate gene…

  3. Take every advantage you can get sir with the tax man. Next year you will surely have a lot of that expense stuff to worry about. Give me a shout over at the board and I can probably help you a bit with some tax strategies if you want ;).

  4. lol…I know what you mean. IT has been a couple years since I was earning Independent Contractor income so I am just getting back into keeping records again for all this stuff. Quite enjoyable for sure..

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