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I was tagged for this meme several days ago and just had several other things that needed doing, and then once I started writing completely skipped it. Vicezilla tagged me with this earlier in the week and I apologize for being remiss on getting it posted but here it is.

The premise of the “Gotta Get Goals” meme is to post 5-10 of your most over-the-top goals that you want to accomplish before leaving the earth. I’m not tagging anyone with this, but if you want to participate, just send me a trackback or link to my post.

As Vicezilla did, when I first started writing this I thought it would be easy but it’s not. For the last twenty years I have basically lived, or rather, made my living for my children as I will for the next twenty or so and as a result some of my goals are very selfish.

1. I want to take five or ten years and just travel the world. Heck, I could take ten years just to travel to all of the places that I have been or want to go in the U.S. I want to go to Hawaii and Scotland. I want to go check out Europe before it is overtaken entirely by the Middle Eastern societies. Europeans already dislike Americans anyway and it’s not going to get any better. I want to go to Tahiti and Australia. I want to see Japan. I even want to go hang out in the Great White North and have some brews with Bob and Doug, eh.

2. I don’t want to be filthy stinking rich, although that would be nice. I would like to not ever have to worry about finances or what I am spending this week and how it’s going to effect paying my bills next month. I suppose though if I were filthy stinking rich that would help along #1.

3. I want to be a writer. A REAL writer. I consider my brother a writer but I don’t know if I have the stick-with-it or even the ability to accomplish this. I really admire some of the bloggers that I read that just sock ’em dead with their posts. I read them and think “damn, I wish I could do that”.

4. I want to quit smoking. This is at times much more attainable than the other ones and at the same time just as far-fetched. I want to be able to run around and play with my children’s children’s children. My wife’s parents are both dead partially as a result of smoking and my father is the first male on his side of the family to live past 50 and I figure that is only because of the advances in medicine and awareness that we have made over the last 50 years.

5. I want to have a huge honking penis…Fucking Ron Jeremy huge…So that I can stand there and go Aaarrgghh like a pirate over my victim…Actually I couldn’t think of anything else but the mood around here has gotten much to somber and I had to lighten it up a bit. No, really. I’m fine with my teeny tiny white man penis…

…most of the time.

….no really.

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