Sick of Hearing About Don Imus Yet?

I don’t normally track-post entries that include foul language, but in this case I am submitting this to the open track-back alliance. I started writing this around five this morning before going to work, and have done a bit of reading tonight and returned with a few changed opinions. I started out ready to jump on the right-wing bandwagon, but now I think most of them have it wrong. I am leaving the post alone though, you can pretty much tell when the tone changes toward the end of it anyway.

I’m getting there, although probably not for the same reasons. I will be the first to admit that what he said about the Rutgers Women’s Basketball Team was inappropriate and ill-timed. Should he be fired? Probably but not because the biggest racist in America, Al Sharpton, says so. He actually should have been fired a long time ago. I don’t particularly consider what he said racist (probably because I am white) I just consider it stupid. He is a dumb ass who should watch what he says in public because he is a public personality.

I was surfing the web a little while after I woke up this morning and saw where he had been on Al Sharpton’s radio show and I read through the transcripts. For the most part it is Al and his cronies jacking their racist jaws not letting Don get a word in edgewise. Toward the end of the transcript Imus started getting really pissed off because someone insulted him. Tough tits there guy. What’s good for the goose needs to be good for the gander and all those other sayings. Pot. Kettle. Black. Oooh, maybe I shouldn’t have said black in this discussion, someone might get offended.

Joke ’em if they can’t take a fuck.

So who is the biggest racist in this picture anyway?

Don Imus, the moron who is a shock-jock and has made some inappropriate comments because that’s what he does for a living?

Or Al Sharpton (you know, Reverend Al who might be related to Strom Thurmond) who doesn’t seem to be happy unless he is stirring up a pot of shit. Once again I have to bring up Steven Pagones and Tawana Brawley. Think that wasn’t about race? Think again. Everything comes down to race with Al Sharpton. Oh, but he can’t be a racist can he? He’s black.

How’s this for a leader of civil rights? “If the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarmuleks back and come over to my house.” Sounds like the very voice of racial reasoning to me.

Or in 1995 When a Jewish store owner in Harlem was having a conflict with a black rival he said “We will not stand by and allow them to move this brother so that some white interloper can expand his business”. A protester in that one shot his way through the store and burned it down, killing eight people in the process. Damn, that’s some serious non-racial loving, although it helped launch Rudy Guliani into the office of Mayor defeating David Dinkins, New York City’s first black mayor.

What about the other loudmouth in the bunch, Jesse Jackson? The guy that hates Hymies (jews) and says they live in Hymietown (New York)? Oh, he couldn’t be a racist cause he’s black too. He denied ever saying it, then blamed it on a Jewish conspiracy. There’s only a conspiracy of one out to get you brother, and it’s your dumb-ass self. Then after Louis Farrakhan threatened the black reporter (as well as ALL jews) who had allowed Jackson’s statement to be printed Jesse Jackson stood by him. Because that’s what non-racists do.

I rarely agree with Oliver Willis although I do enjoy reading him, but one of his posts touched on something today. At first I was like “Oh no, you are all a bunch of hypocrites but once I actually thought about it for awhile I realized he was right. The point? Oh yeah, I will get to it eventually. Some bloggers, myself included say that it is hypocritical for Don Imus to be suspended and possibly fired for racial remarks but nothing happens to Chris Rock, Chris Tucker, and Dave Chapelle for saying worse.

Their language can be extremely offensive and vulgar (look who’s talking here) but racial? Nope (except for Chris Rock), at least not when they are talking about their own race.

If that were the case, then all of the white comedians that make fun of themselves could be accused of being racist as well. Watch the Blue Collar Comedy Tour sometime and see what I am talking about. Jeff Foxworthy makes fun of rednecks all of the time, hell I make fun of being a dumb assed redneck at least once a week myself. If he were to start making fun of black people the same way he does whites he would be out of work.

Most conservatives are using the wrong argument here, although Macsmind touched on it when he posted about Chris Rock and put the link to the Chris Rock Bigger and Blacker Script. If as a white person I were to go in and substitute “n_____” or “black” for cracker in this script it would show up 16 times and I would be labeled a racist. I don’t see anyone calling for Chris Rock’s head on a platter for racist comments, although they should. If Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson were the progressive members of the Civil Rights movement that they claim they are, they would be at the front of the line. They are too busy worrying about diamond merchants and Hymie’s to police themselves I suppose.

So here’s the same question I asked above; who’s the biggest racist? I’m not asking whether they should be fired. I’m not asking who has done more to help others. I’m not even asking which one you hate worse. All I am asking is which one is the biggest racist. Don Imus (who needs to be shit-canned anyway) with several stupid comments over the years, some of them racial or Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who both have a lifetime of being victimized and judging from their words and actions have no interest whatsoever in equality or racial harmony? I would be hard put to say who is the biggest out of the last two, but the black KKK hat prize would have to go to the Reverend Al Sharpton as far as I am concerned.

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