Going to California…

…with an aching in my heart.

I may have posted about driving to California at one point or another over the last few year, but I can’t get online right now to do a search and don’t care anyway. If I have I am going to rehash the subject. Writing about ex-girlfriends got me to thinking about my last trip out there and how surreal it was.

My friend Chris who passed away last year was home on leave and decided that he wanted to drive back home but didn’t want to try it by himself so I agreed to go with him and then would fly back. The fact that I didn’t have a driver’s license didn’t particularly bother me. He did quite a bit of the driving due to that and I would take over when he was just too damn tired to drive and he would crawl out the little window into the back of the pickup and sleep for awhile.

We left on Sunday morning at about eight and went straight out I-20 west to Dallas, which was out first stop. The longest part of the drive was damn Louisiana. Nothing but damn swamps all around, but it was cool as well. I don’t remember how long it took to get there, but it was dark. We ended up getting a hotel room there and crashed for the night. Nothing exciting really happened there, but I do remember that they had a radio station that played nothing but Heavy Metal. That was cool as hell and nothing like I experienced here in Redneckville. I wasn’t even aware that there were radio stations that played nothing but the music that I listened to.

I didn’t realize quite how late it was, I have to get ready for work, but will post more about the trip this afternoon when I get home. Sucks being left in the dark, don’t it?