Happy Friday the 13th

I had this all typed up and ready to post but never did, so here it is.

That was weird. My site’s been down for I don’t know how long. I guess that was my Friday the 13th surprise. It did give me some time to take care of a few other items though. I have one more girl to do taxes for once I finish this. I guess she decided at the last minute it was time to file. Whatever.

One of the three district manager with my company out here is leaving. Monday is apparently going to be his last day. I just found out about it today. Since I’ve turned down the last few promotions that they offered me I don’t know if they are even going to talk to me about this one, but if they do I think I am going to take it. It’s three stores that are local to me. I think the farthest one is about nine miles from my house. It means more hours but it’s also about a $20-30k increase in pay. That would help out nicely right now. I don’t think they’ll make any changes for a couple of weeks anyway as my boss goes on vacation Tuesday. They aren’t going to leave a store without a manager and a district.

If the site happens to go down again, it is on the same server as my other two sites, so I generally post on a myspace blog. I think I have maybe posted about 15 times there in a year. It’s nothing particularly spectacular but I set it up initially to keep an eye on my son. If you have a myspace account stop by and say hello. My main space is http://www.myspace.com/shadowscope.