Tragedy Strikes VA Tech

32 people are dead at Virginia Tech today after a gunman rampaged through the school killing people. So far it has not yet been announced whether police killed the gunman or if he shot himself. I suppose it doesn’t really matter. He’s dead and the shooting has stopped.

I have been busy most of the afternoon and therefore didn’t see the alert when it popped into my email earlier. 32 people. That makes it the deadliest school shooting in US history followed by UT (Charles Whitman) and Columbine.

The wife brought up a pretty good point when I asked her this afternoon if she had heard the reports, that all of the media attention that this is getting is just going to make it that much more likely to happen again. I agree with her on this one.

If only someone there had a weapon when it was occurring maybe they could have stopped this tragedy. Around the web I’ve seen several posts about it.

Clint Says Schools Don’t give a crap. Clint doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about.

I’m still not sure who this person is (did I tell you I hate Livejournal?) but they are trying to compare the reaction of the white house press corp with a made up TV President. What the fuck is up with that? Join the real world you moron.

Jacques Strappe has to do the obligatory comparison with the war in Iraq and let us know what a tyrannical idiot he thinks the President is. That may very well be the case but what does it have to do with the subject at hand?

What is up with all of these crappy Livejournal sites on Technorati anyway? Doesn’t anyone besides me have a shitty blog on their own domain?

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