Very Cool

One of my older posts that I had submitted over at Indie Bloggers, “Growing up With the Boob Tube” was approved over at Indie Bloggers. They must really be running dry to have my crap up. 😉

Actually it was one of those posts that I really thought was well done and well thought out. 99% of what I post is whatever crap happens to be flying through my head at that particular point during the day, but some of them I really make an attempt to entertain, inform, or at least make your head explode from the insanity of what I might be thinking about.

There are some pretty good writers that post over at Indie bloggers, so go check it out if you get the chance. I may start submitting some more cross-posted stuff if I have the time. It had been so long since I had anything approved I was starting to get a complex.

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